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We are an aggregator that protects the music of Indonesian artists and songwriters. We oversee the use and copyright of your work and distribute it worldwide.

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General matters
You can fill out this form to be reviewed by our team, or you can contact support@premierpro.co.id
PremierPro is a direct distribution platform to get your music on all major streaming services. Within 1×24 hours, your album will be delivered to stores, which is faster than any other platform in the market. You remain in control of your music. You can choose any platform you want to distribute it on.
There is no registration fee for the beginning, so you can rate for free. Once you upload your albums and they start generating revenue, we split the revenue 75/25 (75 for the artist) (25 for PremierPro).
The period of cooperation varies depending on the agreement. But the common one is for 1 year
Yes, but there are some agreements that still apply. For more information, please contact us at (+62) 899333712
Your work will be distributed to more than 20 of our platforms, including Youtube, Spotify, and Deezer.
Your work remains your property. We will protect your work from unauthorized use.Some of the uses we protect are: cover, remix, and reupload
You can report to us support@premierpro.co.id by providing photos, recordings or screenshots related to it.
We will contact the party. The party may choose to ask you for permission or stop using your work. We will take care of all licenses, documents and legal matters.
The work must be yours and not already registered with another aggregator company. If you wish to switch to us, we will provide assistance in the switching process. For other requirements, please consult us at (+62) 813 1102 6860.
Make sure to collect all metadata (WAV/MP3 files, ISRC and UPC codes, artist names and artwork), request your current distributor to take down all your music from the stores and upload all metadata into the PremierPro Platform. Contact- support@premierpro.co.id & we will assist in facilitating the move.
Another Question
I have another question If you have any other questions, please click here or contact us via whatsapp at (+62) 813 1102 6860.